Thursday, 19 July 2012

Raasi Palan - 15 May 2012

Today's Rasi Palan (15 May 2012):

In this page, we will see the complete Raasi palan for today (15/05/2012).

Mesham Raasi Palan for today:

Today the Mesha Raasi people will get more duties and Responsibilities. You will get the tight situation to finish up the works. Eventhough you will get lack of income, you will manage effectively those situations. For some reasons, today you will make the friendships with someone strong. Dont bother about the collegues activities much.

Kadakam Raasi Palan today:

Mesha Raasi people will attempt lot of efforts for each and everything you are doing. You will accelerate the process of business activities. Need more care on health. You will get solution for the family conflicts and you will ask for bank supports. The helps and supports from the siblings will get increased.

Midhunam Raasi Palan for today:

Unexpected disturbance will come today. Arrangements related with auspicious functions will get accelarated. Some negligible controversies will araise and get vanished today with sibblings. Some changes will happen in official works. Will get doctors advices due to mothers health. Will get new contacts today related with the business.

Kadagam Raasi Palan for Today:

Mental strenghth and circumstances will support today. Things will get done quickly. Contact with a relative will make un necessary controversies. Promotional information will come with time delay. Expenses will get increased depending upon the situations. Credits and loans will get reduced and will get new contracts in business and hence the profit will be more.

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